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Digital Transformation

Andrew Grill
Andrew Grill Futurist Keynote Speaker and former IBM Global Managing Partner
Chuck Martin
Chuck Martin New York Times Business Bestselling Author, Futurist
Christian Baudis
Christian Baudis Digital Entrepreneur, Futurist, Former Google Executive
Cristina Dolan
Cristina Dolan Co-Founder and COO iXledger, Founder of InsideChains
David L. Rose
David L. Rose Award-Winning Entrepreneur, Author, MIT Researcher
David Rowan
David Rowan Founding UK Editor-in-Chief, WIRED | Author of Amazon #1 business bestseller Non-Bullshit Innovation: Radical Ideas from the World’s Smartest Minds (Penguin)
Gerd Leonhard
Gerd Leonhard Top-rated European Futurist
Lindsay Herbert
Lindsay Herbert Author of Digital Transformation
Nicolas Nova
Nicolas Nova Ethnographer, Futures Researcher, Writer and Curator
Patrick Dixon
Patrick Dixon Chairman of Global Change, Top 20 Most Influential Business Thinkers
Professor Nick Bostrom
Professor Nick Bostrom Professor at University of Oxford, Director at Future of Humanity Institute
Rudy De Waele
Rudy De Waele Business & Life Design Strategist, Futurist
Seval Oz
Seval Oz Executive Board Advisor, Pioneer Electronics
Dr. Sertac Doganay
Dr. Sertac Doganay Technology Communicator, Lecturer at Kadir Has University
Mustafa Icil
Mustafa Icil Strategy and Innovation Consultant / İÇİL Training and Consulting (Former Google Regional Marketing Director)
Yuce Zerey
Yuce Zerey Bilgi University Faculty Member, Author
Yigit Kulabas
Yigit Kulabas Chief Innovation Officer
Dr. Hakan Tetik
Dr. Hakan Tetik Strategy, Marketing and Change Consultant