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Disruptive Innovation

Marc Randolph
Marc Randolph Entrepreneur Speaker, Netflix Cofounder, National Bestselling Author, Executive Mentor and Angel Investor
Dr. Chris Kutarna
Dr. Chris Kutarna Author Speaker Facilitator Mapmaker
Andrew Grill
Andrew Grill Futurist Keynote Speaker and former IBM Global Managing Partner
Astronaut Garrett Reisman
Astronaut Garrett Reisman Professor of Astronautical Engineering at USC and a Senior Advisor at SpaceX
Azran Osman Rani
Azran Osman Rani Former CEO of Air Asia, CEO and Co - Founder of Naluri Hidup Sdn Bhd
Brett King
Brett King Speaker, Start-up Founder, Bestselling Author, Radio Host, TV Commentator
Christian Baudis
Christian Baudis Digital Entrepreneur, Futurist, Former Google Executive
David Rowan
David Rowan Founding UK Editor-in-Chief, WIRED | Author of Amazon #1 business bestseller Non-Bullshit Innovation: Radical Ideas from the World’s Smartest Minds (Penguin)
Fredrik Haren
Fredrik Haren Business Creativity Expert
Gerd Leonhard
Gerd Leonhard Top-rated European Futurist
Graeme Codrington
Graeme Codrington Expert On The Future Of Work | Speaker | Author | Futurist
Greg Lindsay
Greg Lindsay Journalist, Urbanist, Futurist, Speaker
Jim Carroll
Jim Carroll World’s Leading Global Futurist
Jonas Ridderstråle
Jonas Ridderstråle Leading Business Thinker & Speaker
Larry Downes
Larry Downes New York Times Best-Selling Author Technology, Strategy and The Law
Patrick Dixon
Patrick Dixon Chairman of Global Change, Top 20 Most Influential Business Thinkers
Professor Costas Markides
Professor Costas Markides World’s Leading Expert in Business Strategy and Strategic Innovation, Professor at London Business School
Ray Hammond
Ray Hammond Business Leader, Serial Entrepreneur, Futurist
Richard Watson
Richard Watson Futurist Speaker, Scenario Thinker, Lecturer at London Business School
M. Serdar Kuzuloglu
M. Serdar Kuzuloglu Journalist
Dr. Sertac Doganay
Dr. Sertac Doganay Technology Communicator, Lecturer at Kadir Has University
Mustafa Icil
Mustafa Icil Strategy and Innovation Consultant / İÇİL Training and Consulting (Former Google Regional Marketing Director)
Yuce Zerey
Yuce Zerey Bilgi University Faculty Member, Author
Yigit Kulabas
Yigit Kulabas Chief Innovation Officer
Bora Alci
Bora Alci Founder of Argus Growth Agency
Dr. Hakan Tetik
Dr. Hakan Tetik Strategy, Marketing and Change Consultant
Alemsah Ozturk
Alemsah Ozturk Chief Happiness Officer @4129Grey
Ongun Tan
Ongun Tan Entrepreneur
Halil Aksu
Halil Aksu Founder of Gelecekhane
Fatos Karahasan
Fatos Karahasan Brand Consultant, Journalist Author
Sahin Tulga
Sahin Tulga Strategic Management Consultant
Yekta Ozozer
Yekta Ozozer Consultant and Educator