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Ray Rizzo | Global Konuşmacı

Author, Chef, TV Presenter, Musician and Yoga Teacher


Ray Rizzo

“I am most inspired by the development of all aspects of human potential. The physical, creative, professional, emotional, intellectual, sensual, culinary—all this weaves together for the full experience of being alive. Mastery of any discipline begins with the cultivation of awareness. Whatever we do or try, there is really only one thing at play: the art of learning how to learn.”

Ray Rizzo is the Author of Weightlessness: A Synthesis of Yoga, Pilates, and Chi Kung and a book of poems entitled Bones For Joy. He has produced DVD’s on Health and Wellness and was the host of the Gourmet TV program Ray’s Farm. He has been teaching yoga, meditation, and practicing the healing arts around the world for the last 2 decades. He continues to write and perform in various genres.

Born in New York in 1980, and living in Istanbul for the last 10 years, he is a life long student of the creative process, depth psychology, shamanism, songwriting, movement, and the healing arts. His presentations and speeches draw from this eclectic background in order to bring insight, practical wisdom, comedy and depth to a variety of subjects, all revolving around the cultivation of attention, relevance, and awareness. Whether as a keynote speaker, mindfulness coach, yoga teacher, or on stage behind a guitar: Ray is a dynamic and thought-provoking performer.

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