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Qamar Energy, CEO



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Robin Mills

Robin Mills established Qamar Energy in 2015 to meet the need for regionally-based Middle East energy insight. He is an expert on energy strategy and economics, described by Foreign Policy magazine as “one of the energy world’s great minds”.

Prior to this, he led major consulting assignments for the EU in Iraq, and for a variety of international oil companies on Middle East business development, integrated gas and power generation and renewable energy. Robin worked for a decade for Shell, concentrating on new business development in the Middle East. He subsequently worked for six years with Dubai Holding and the Emirates National Oil Company (ENOC), where he advanced business development efforts in the Middle East energy sector.

He is a Fellow at the Columbia University Center on Global Energy Policy, and Senior Fellow of the Iraq Energy Institute, spent two years as the Non-Resident Fellow for Energy at the Brookings Institution, is columnist on energy and environment at The National and Bloomberg, appears regularly on BBC, CNN, CNBC and others to comment on energy matters, and is the author of the influential report on Middle East solar, Sunrise in the Desert, and two books, The Myth of the Oil Crisis, and Capturing Carbon.

He holds a first-class degree in Geology from the University of Cambridge, and speaks Arac, Farsi, Dutch and Norwegian.