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Marketing & Brand Management

Allyson Stewart-Allen
Allyson Stewart-Allen Renowned Advisor, Author, Speaker and Educator
Azran Osman Rani
Azran Osman Rani Former CEO of Air Asia, CEO and Co - Founder of Naluri Hidup Sdn Bhd
Kjell A. Nordström
Kjell A. Nordström Economist, Writer and Public Speaker
Leonard Brody
Leonard Brody Serial Entrepreneur, Venture Capitalist and Best-Selling Author
Steven Van Belleghem
Steven Van Belleghem Bestselling Author, Entrepreneur, Marketing Professor at Vlerick Business School
Will Higham
Will Higham Behavioural Futurist, Author, Speaker, Founder of Next Big Thing
Dr. Sertac Doganay
Dr. Sertac Doganay Technology Communicator, Lecturer at Kadir Has University
Mustafa Icil
Mustafa Icil Strategy and Innovation Consultant / İÇİL Training and Consulting (Former Google Regional Marketing Director)
Yuce Zerey
Yuce Zerey Bilgi University Faculty Member, Author
Yigit Kulabas
Yigit Kulabas Chief Innovation Officer
Dr. Hakan Tetik
Dr. Hakan Tetik Strategy, Marketing and Change Consultant
Ahmet Akin
Ahmet Akin Kramp Advetising Agency, Co-Founder and CEO
Fatos Karahasan
Fatos Karahasan Brand Consultant, Journalist Author
Dogan Kasikci
Dogan Kasikci Republika Academic Aparts General Manager
Temel Aksoy
Temel Aksoy Strategy and Brand Consultant
Dr. Ozan Batigun
Dr. Ozan Batigun General Manager of Q & A Training & Consulting
Yelda İpekli
Yelda İpekli Strategic Marketing Consultant