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Caspar Craven
Caspar Craven Entrepreneur, Adventurer, Motivational Speaker
Dave Carroll
Dave Carroll Speaker, Singer-Songwriter, Social Media Innovator
Felicity Aston
Felicity Aston Explorer, Scientist and Author
Geoff McDonald
Geoff McDonald Minds@Work Co-Founder
Heidi Ganahl
Heidi Ganahl One of the best-known Entrepreneur and Community Leader in Colorado, Elected Member of the University of Colorado Board
Jamil Qureshi
Jamil Qureshi Performance Coach, Psychologist, Author and Keynote Speaker
Jon Duschinsky
Jon Duschinsky Founder of Bethechange Group: Purpose and Performance
Kevin Gaskell
Kevin Gaskell Inspiring Business Leader, Serial Entrepreneur, Adventurer
Cetin Yilmaz
Cetin Yilmaz Basketball Coach
Mehmet Auf
Mehmet Auf Motivational Speaker & Lecturer & Producer
Fazil Oral
Fazil Oral Management Consultant
Judith Malika Liberman
Judith Malika Liberman Storyteller, Art Therapist, Speaker And Trainer
Dr. Ozgur Bolat
Dr. Ozgur Bolat Education Expert, Author
Kaan Sekban
Kaan Sekban Comedian, Author
Semih Sayginer
Semih Sayginer World Billiard Champion
Can Papuccuoglu
Can Papuccuoglu Entrepreneur, Communications Expert, Writer
Nasuh Mahruki
Nasuh Mahruki International Mountaineer, President of AKUT
Mehmet Kocabas
Mehmet Kocabas Educator, Consultant
Dogan Kasikci
Dogan Kasikci Republika Academic Aparts General Manager