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Murat Yetkin 2024 Speech Titles Murat Yetkin 2024 Speech Titles

  • Post-Election Turkey: Economy, Scenarios, and Predictions in Domestic and Foreign Policy
  • Opportunities and Risks for Turkey in a World Shattered by the Pandemic and the Russia-Ukraine War
  • Foreign Policy Tour: USA, Russia, China, Syria, Israel, Iran, Mediterranean, Black Sea, Caucasus, Balkans, Central Asia

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Murat Yetkin took his first step in his journalism career in 1981 at Arayış magazine. In 1987, he worked as a research correspondent at the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) World Service Ankara Bureau. After working for international news organizations such as Deutsche Welle and AFP for a while, he returned to the national press in 1992 and became the diplomacy and defense editor of the Turkish Daily News newspaper at that time.

Yetkin, who worked as a senior politics and diplomacy correspondent, program host, and news director at Kanal-D, joined the founding team of NTV, Turkey's first 24-hour news channel. He established the NTV Ankara bureau and became the Ankara Representative and political editor. After serving as the Ankara Representative for Sabah in 2000, he joined Radikal Gazetesi (now known as Gazete Duvar) in 2001, where he regularly wrote columns evaluating current events, mainly focusing on politics, diplomacy, security, and the economy. 

He returned to the print media as the head of the Ankara Bureau. He has hosted politically-oriented programs and served as a commentator on TV channels such as NTV, CNN Türk, and TRT. He has also lectured at universities.

He held the position of Editor-in-Chief and chief columnist of Hürriyet Daily News from 2011 until 2018.

Currently, he is the Editor-in-Chief of the YetkinReport website, which publishes content in Turkish and English.

Yetkin is the author of six books on Turkish politics and international relations:

Active Policy on the Front Line - Turkey in the Triangle of the Middle East, Balkans, and Caucasus (1992)

Turkey in the Waiting Room of the European Union (2002)

Tezkere: The Real Story of the Iraq Crisis (2004)

The Kurdish Trap - From Damascus to Imralı: Öcalan (2004)

Book of Intrigues for the Enthusiasts (2017)

Book of Spies for the Enthusiasts (2018)

Yetkin, who graduated from the mechanical engineering department of Ankara Middle East Technical University, was born in 1959, married, and has a daughter.


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