Global Expertise and <br> Latest Trends

Global Expertise and
Latest Trends

Speaker Agency works with a global roster of speakers driving the conversations around innovation, technology trends, socio-economic shifts, our hybrid future and much more.

Ahmet Akin
Ahmet Akin Brand & Communication Consultant, Trend Analyst, Facilitator
  • Facilitation & Moderation
  • Are You Willing to Make Mistakes to Nourish Your Creativity?
  • Sustainable Brands for the Future of the World
Ahmet Burcin Gurbuz
Ahmet Burcin Gurbuz Architect, Technology Entrepreneur, Investor
  • What is the Metaverse?
  • Why Should Organizations Engage with the Metaverse?
  • Where Does Web 3.0 Fit in?
Ahmet Orhon
Ahmet Orhon Entrepreneur, Strategy & Management Consultant, Founder, and CEO of Avane
  • Startups, Startup Investments, Funds, and Fund Structures
  • Entrepreneurship Ecosystem and the Future of Entrepreneurship in Turkey
  • The Future of the Turkish Business World: What's Possible?
Akan Abdula
Akan Abdula FutureBright Group, Founder
  • Consumer Dips for the Next 5 Years
  • Sustainability 2030
  • Great People Attract Great People in Next-Generation Companies
Akin Ongor
Akin Ongor Selendi Saraplari / Chairman of the Board of Director
  • Leadership
  • Tips of sustainable success to the leader of future
  • Environment
Alemsah Ozturk
Alemsah Ozturk Chief Happiness Officer @4129Grey
Alev Gökçe
Alev Gökçe Marketing and Innovation Consultant
  • Marketing for Humanity and the World
  • Innovation Culture
  • Building Brands
Alev Tekinak Ozderici
Alev Tekinak Ozderici Founder of Bmeal Training & Consulting and Nokta Consulting
Ali Agaoglu
Ali Agaoglu Finance Consultant
  • Financial Markets
  • Financial Developments (Both in the world and in Turkey)
  • Reflections of these developments in micro and macro levels
Ali Cinar
Ali Cinar Journalist, Academic, Turkish-American Community Leader
  • Turkish & American Relations
  • US Foreign Policy
  • NATO 2030 and Turkey
Alp Sezginsoy
Alp Sezginsoy Agile Workforce Camp; On-demand Talent Acquisition Expert | Expertera Founder & Future of Work Turkey
  • The Future of Work and Building the Agile Workforce
  • The Agile Workforce of The Future: Talent Platforms and Total Workforce Management
  • The Hybrid Era: Remote Work, The Future Workforce, Leaders and Skills
ASSOC. PROF. DICLE YURDAKUL Behavioral Sciences and Technology Researcher, Academician, Author
  • Understanding the Postmodern Consumer
  • The Collapse of the Modern Human Myth: Rationality & Duality
  • The Unpredictable: Irrational Consumer Behavior and Insight
Assoc. Prof. Selcuk Artut
Assoc. Prof. Selcuk Artut Artist and Academician
  • Artificial Intelligence and Creativity in Art
  • Human and Technology Collaboration
  • The Digital Becoming Artistic
Asst. Prof. Ahmet Aydemir
Asst. Prof. Ahmet Aydemir MLA College, Academician
  • Sustainability Literacy
  • Sustainable Development, Gender Equality, and Reducing Inequalities
  • Sustainable Management
Ayhan Sicimoglu
Ayhan Sicimoglu Program Producer, Musician, Gourmet
  • To Be a World Citizen
  • World Music in the world
  • Different Cultures Different Tastes
Bora Alci
Bora Alci Founder of Argus Growth Agency
  • Alchemy of a Brand
  • Marketing for Men
  • Marketing for Children
Burak Onur Erdem
Burak Onur Erdem Principal Conductor of the Turkish State Polyphonic Choir
  • Conducting and Leadership Relationship in Music
  • Team Management from Choir to Business Life
  • From Choir to Business Life (With Examples from Rehearsals) Team Efficiency
Burak Unaldi
Burak Unaldi Secretary-General of TAMPF, Musician
  • Storytelling to Customers, Listeners, Consumers: Bringing Creativity to Work: Intrapreneurship Online Shopping vs. Brick-and-Mortar Retail: Cage Fight or Team Game?
  • The Test of Consumption with Technology: Online, Metaverse, Blockchain, Social Media From Music to Industry, from Fashion to Startups: Inspiring 'Branding' Stories
  • The Ambassadors of the Digital World: Influencers & Influencer Marketing
Burcu Agma
Burcu Agma Founder | Chief Insight Hunter @ BBA Strategic Brand Consulting
  • AI Revolutionizing Brand Strategy & Marketing
  • Context-Based Marketing
  • Finding the Flow, Your Inner Purpose
Cagri Mert Bakirci
Cagri Mert Bakirci Founder of evrimagaci.org & Science Communicator
  • What the Heck is Going On: Is It Time to Fear Artificial Intelligence?
  • ourney to the Universe: How Did Everything Come Into Being? - And How Did We Get Here?
  • The Story of Three Planets: How Science Teaches Us to Make the Right Decisions
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