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Ayhan Sicimoglu Program Producer, Musician, Gourmet


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Ayhan Sicimoglu 2024 Speech Titles Ayhan Sicimoglu 2024 Speech Titles

  • To Be a World Citizen
  • World Music in the world
  • Different Cultures Different Tastes

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Graduated from Talas American School for Boys and Tarsus American College. Studied Photography in Bournemouth and Poole College of Art in England. After London years formed the music band “İpucu” with Mazhar, Fuat, Özkan and Galip and recorded the single “Heyecanlı”. Wrote and directed the first Music Video Clip of Turkey for “Heyecanlı”. During summers he joined INA (Institute of Nautical Archeology) diving for the Bodrum Castle’s Museum of Underwater Archeology.

After completing his military service in Turkey, he worked as a photographer in various fashion magazines. He was elected as a board member of INA during his New York days. Invited as a member of New York’s prestigious “Explorer’s Club”. He was the first Turk who was invited for series of conferences to London’s House of Lords.

After his New York days, directing his family business of Textiles and Fashion and upon his return to Turkey he joined a Radio Show “Music that did not sell” in “Açık Radyo”. Meanwhile, he founded TINA (Turkish Institute of Nautical Archeology) and served as a chairman of the board. Started his own Radio Show “Latin Lover” at “Radio Oxi-Gen” and started writing for various magazines. His “Percussion Workshop” organized trips to Africa, Peru and Cuba. His second trip to Cuba gave birth to his ongoing TV show “Renkler”. Renkler was on CNNTURK, TV8, Skyturk and back to CNNTURK and now currently is on BlooombergHT.

He currently has popular TV Shows on Turkmax Gurme and IZTV. With his nationally and internationally known nine piece music band “Latin All Stars” he has continuous concerts in Turkey and abroad joining various festivals. He has published two Music CDs. “Friends and Family”, “En Estambul” and a story book “Renkli Masallar” He prepares a weekly Radio Show “Latin Lover” broadcasting at “Karnaval Radyo”s Joy FM. He writes one whole page articles on “Hürriyet”s Sunday supplement “Travel”.


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