ASSOC. PROF. DICLE YURDAKUL Behavioral Sciences and Technology Researcher, Academician, Author


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  • Understanding the Postmodern Consumer
  • The Collapse of the Modern Human Myth: Rationality & Duality
  • The Unpredictable: Irrational Consumer Behavior and Insight
  • Behavioral Economics
  • Impact Investments and Next Generation Sustainability
  • Another World Is Possible: Deep Technology and Sustainability
  • Win-Win in Sustainability Efforts: Inclusive Business Models
  • The Green Deal and Its Impact on the Turkish Business World
  • Technological Transformation: Future of Work and Jobs
  • New World & New Markets: The Blockchain Revolution
  • Utopia & Dystopia: Technology Trends and Social Transformation
  • Technology Based Axis Shift – Macro Trends

Speaker Profile

Assoc. Prof. Dicle Yurdakul completed her doctoral studies in the field of consumer behavior, which she conducted at Izmir University of Economics and the University of Texas, in 2013. She then carried out post-doc studies at Koç University for two years; received education and conducted research in the field of experimental consumer research. She received the title of associate professor in the field of Marketing in 2020. During her academic career, she gave lectures, carried out projects and took part in research teams in the fields of marketing, digital marketing, corporate social responsibility, social entrepreneurship, technology and innovation management, in different universities including Izmir University of Economics, Ecole de Management de Normandie (France), University of Texas (USA), University of Rhode Island (USA), Altınbaş University, Koç University and Bilgi University.

Her academic studies on consumer behavior in the field of behavioral sciences have been published in leading marketing journals including Marketing Theory, European Journal of Marketing and Journal of Macromarketing.

She has been working as a consultant and project manager in the sustainability and inclusive business models projects carried out by UNDP IICPSD (Istanbul International Center for Private Sector in Development) since 2014. She worked as a project coordinator in three international projects carried out in cooperation with UNDP country offices, governments and the private sector in Turkey, Brazil and the Philippines, and took part in many projects carried out by UNDP IICPSD as a consultant and trainer. She took part as a consultant in the Systems Lab team working on entrepreneurship ecosystems in “SDG Impact Accelerator”, Turkey's first and only impact entrepreneurship accelerator, which was established with the initiatives of the Republic of Turkey Ministry of Foreign Affairs and UNDP Turkey country office.

In the field of civil society, Assoc. Prof. Dicle Yurdakul is a member of the Board of Directors of the Corporate Social Responsibility Association of Turkey (TKSD) and Now for Tomorrow. She conducts research and projects, and gives trainings in different NGOs working in the fields of technology and sustainability, including the Turkish Informatics Foundation (TBV). She is the author of a weekly technology column in PolitikYol, and she writes articles on consumer behavior, sustainability and technological transformation in different periodicals such as Fortune and Harvard Business Review, and in various blogs.

In 2018, she founded WE.Q. Consulting, which carries out training, research and reporting activities in the fields of marketing, sustainability and technological transformation. She still serves as the managing partner of the company, carrying out projects in the fields of technology entrepreneurship, sustainable technologies and technological transformation with companies including global tech giants such as Microsoft, Google and Facebook.

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