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Ozkan Zere  2024 Speech Titles Ozkan Zere 2024 Speech Titles

  • Gem To Jewel (Individual / Team Evolution)
  • Future Leader ( Engaged / Creative / Adaptable to Change )
  • Rewrite Your Script
  • Forward Looking Positive Mind
  • In Search of Purpose at Work
  • Agile Mind Quick Feet (Rapid Learning for Innovation)
  • Admiral Ship vs Innovation LifeBoat (Innovation for Giants)
  • Change is a Team Sport (Aligned Teams for Change)
  • Change Comes From The Heart (Communication for Buy-in)

Speaker Profile 

I am OZ The Voyager. 

The Voyager in Self Quest. 

Life is a journey and I am carving my own path.

For a very long time, I have been crunching numbers; 

working as Auditor, Banker, Finance Director, CFO & Consultant.

At some point, I have listened to my heart. First time ever on stage, 

Theatre has become an immediate passion leading to my transformation.

Illuminated by the talent and wisdom of artists and masters from all over the world, 

I have had the chance to immerse myself deeply in theatre. 

Their light is still on me...

Today, I am in my Flow and I believe that I have found my Element…

I am meandering in the Business World via 

OZ Talks, OZ Workshops and OZ Journeys. 

My focus is on Change, Innovation, Engagement & Genuine Leadership. 

Ozkan Zere is ready to inspire your teams!
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