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Özlem Gürses was born in Ankara in 1970. She completed her primary and high school education in TED Ankara College. She earned her BArch degree at METU Architecture Department. An unfortunate traffic accident forced her to drop her studies for her MArch degree in History of Architecture. Then she made her shift to the world of media and moved to İstanbul.

She continued her career in television with Gece Hattı and Kırmızı Koltuk after she became a correspondent at ATV News Center. During her reporter years she had the chance of interviewing many politicians, ministers, prime ministers and the president of the republic exclusively. She also put her name under many exclusive news.

She prepared and presented TV programs such as 20. Saat, 13 Ajansı, Bildiğin Gibi Değil, Burası Haftasonu and Habertürk Gündem at Habertürk TV which was founded by Ufuk Güldemir.

Gürses was also the co-news director and newswoman of Kanal 1 Evening News. She raised the overall rating scope of 90-100 of the Evening News Bulletin to the top 20 as soon as she took over.

She was the producer and editor of the TV program, Özlem Gürses’le Bakış ve Şahane Çocuklar at the same TV channel. She hosted numerous reputable and popular names for Özlem Gürses’le Çizgi Dışı at Skyturk as well.

Özlem Gürses created the original format of the TV program, 3YÜZ, which she presented together with Vivet Kanetti Uluç and Ayşe Böhürler. She also prepared and presented Her Pazar Açıkça with journalist Mustafa Karaalioğlu for TV8.

For NTV, she created Architecture and Life and presented the series.

Gürses gives special sessions on Newswriting and Presenting and TV Production upon request along with giving consultation services for companies and professional managers in the field of media relations.

She took part in countless national and international organizations as a moderator and presenter until today and undertook many significant collaborations especially in the retail industry.

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