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ZEHRA ELIF TAS 2024 Speech Titles ZEHRA ELIF TAS 2024 Speech Titles

  • Secrets to Succeeding in the Unstoppable Rise of Online Shopping
  • Coolhunting: Emerging Trends in Lifestyle and Fashion
  • The Future Shopping Basket of Today's Consumer
  • How Consumer Trends are Transforming the Fashion and Beauty Industry
  • E-commerce & Retail: The Path to Creating a Difference
  • The Future of Retail – What Will Next-Generation Stores Look Like?
  • Global Trends – Impact on Life-Enhancing Technologies and Business Models
  • The Three Giants of Global Transformation
  • Professions of the Future

Speaker Profile

Zehra Elif Taş says, "Trends do not emerge from conventional places," and today's fashion, shopping preferences, lifestyle, and tastes, along with future global trends, technological and innovative developments, and changes in mobile, retail, and business models, combine to open new horizons for strategic actions... In short, she is a trend-spotter, an inspiring figure for the future!"

She is a graduate of METU Business Administration and holds an MBA from the University of Illinois Chicago. She began her career at DHL and continued at BAT and Pepsi. After gaining management and marketing experience in international companies, she transitioned to the fashion industry in 2007, founding her own company. She provided fashion consultancy services to top e-commerce companies like Trendyol and Hepsiburada and served as the Editor-in-Chief of Elele magazine.

Within her academic career, she teaches the course "Managing the Future" at Açı Schools. She has also been an instructor at Istanbul Fashion Academy and a lecturer at Kemerburgaz University. On an international platform, her 'Bestseller' online fashion training series on Udemy receives participation from around the world.

As one of the exclusive speakers of Speaker Agency, Zehra Elif Taş provides education and speeches on consumption, fashion, and beauty industries, retail, shaping the future, transformative global trends, life-improving technologies, and future professions, shedding light on the future shopping basket of today's consumers through her inspiring content format.

Above all, she carries out her work with love and passion, believes in lifelong learning, and dedicates each day to self-improvement.

ZEHRA ELIF TAS is ready to inspire your teams!
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