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Ilkay Demirdag 2024 Speech Titles Ilkay Demirdag 2024 Speech Titles

  • ESG & Sustainability
  • Impact & Responsible Investments
  • Impact Driven Value Creation(kendi modelim
  • Investor Relations
  • Sustainable Economic Development
  • Purpose and Impact Driven Leadership

Speaker Profile 

Ilkay Demirdag is an award-winning Investment and Impact Strategist with 24 years of experience working in multinational companies, conglomerates, banks and private equity funds in Turkey, the UK and Bahrain. She leads important initiatives to maximize value creation for all stakeholders, transform responsible and impact investments into the mainstream, and ensure sustainable economic development.

Her expertise comprises the spectrum of Equity Transactions (Private equity fund establishment and management, Fund raising, M&A, IPOs, Impact Investments), Debt Transactions (Project finance, Debt funding and Bond issuances), Strategic Planning (Deal origination, Business development, Asset / portfolio optimization, Project management), Investor Relations  and Sustainability(Strategic Planning, & Execution, Setting ESG Targets & Performance Management, ESG reporting, Index & Rating preparations, Advocation and Leading Impact). She primarily covered and analyzed regulated markets (energy, telecom, infrastructure) in developed and emerging markets.

She holds BSc and MSc in Architecture from Istanbul Technical University and MSc in Economics from University College London. Ilkay is a Mindfulness Trainer and a Professional Coach. Ilkay Demirdag actively takes part in NGOs. She is currently a Supervisory Board Member at TUYID, Impact Council Member at Impact 2030 Turkey, Board Member  at ITU Alumni Association and Founder and Board Member at Impact Circles Foundation.

In addition to her professional carrier, she is a social entrepreneur working in the field of economic social development. With the “Equality Project” she developed to empower women at workplace, she received “Social Responsibility Project of the Year Award” and “Social Entrepreneur of the Year Award.” Ilkay was selected as one of the “48 Inspiring Women in Turkey” by Dünya Newspaper in 2018. Ilkay is widely commented on as a thought leader and activist in sustainable economic development and impact investments. Ilkay is an unacclaimed Speaker and Moderator and is invited frequently to attend global events in all areas covering ESG & Sustainability, Investor Relations, Sustainable Economic Development, Impact & Responsible Investments, Purpose and Impact Driven Leadership, and Value Creation.

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