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Mehmet Auf 2024 Speech Titles Mehmet Auf 2024 Speech Titles

  • Embracing Mistakes and Failures
  • Building Resilience
  • Bending Without Breaking
  • Navigating the Challenges of Change
  • The Power of Stories
  • Achieving Greatness Together
  • Keeping Motivation Alive

Speaker Profile

Mehmet Auf was graduated from Middle East Technical University Faculty of Engineering, Department of Mechanical Engineering. After his graduation, he continued his academic studies at California Polytechnic State University, Faculty of Environmental Sciences and had his Master’s degree on Artificial Intelligence.

Mehmet Auf returned to Turkey and continued his academic studies at Middle East Technical University, Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, Department of Business Administration and had his MBA degree.

Mehmet started his career as a lecturer in Middle East Technical University Department of Business Administration and later in Bilkent University. While he was continuing this mission, he also worked as a consultant to the President of Housing Development Administration of Turkey.

Reflecting his multi-faceted personality, he worked in senior management positions for various private sector organizations. In 1994, he has decided to found his own company in the field of Training and Consultancy.

Throughout his career, he has trained more than 100,000 participants on subjects like communication, leadership, management, team building, sales, customer relations, etc.

He was the co-writer of two books; ‘Manual for the Bad Manager’, and ‘What Does your face tell?’ and his latest book is ‘How to Convince Turkish People’ met with the reader in 2007.

His first video book collection is available from Enocta http://www.enocta.com/enocta/web/ContentDetails.aspx?ID=850 and the text version of this video collection ‘Our Life Scenarios‘ will be published in December 2013.

During this time, he participated in various TV and Radio Shows, as host, scriptwriter, actor and consultant.

He has transformed this experience in the training and consultancy field and started to produce Corporate Training Videos, for the first time in Turkey.

He was one of the Speakers of TEDx Ankara Citadel, in 2013. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NHLfksh71sU

As a motivational speaker, his latest innovation is bringing music and training together. ‘The Rhythm of Life’ is a whole new concept for adult training. http://www.fenomenorg.com/hayatin-ritmi-video

Mehmet Auf is the owner of two companies:

Maye Training and Consultancy (since 1994)
Fenomen Production and Organization (Since 2011)


Entertaining Solutions

The Rhytm of Life With Mehmet Auf

Team work and the concept of “us”, communication, achievement and customer focused thinking, values, personal motivation, change and being the renaissence man… All these and other topics discussed with music? A well-known speaker and musicians together. Why not? Here we have a show on business with music where the participants learn and make a difference, feel motivated and have fun. It’s one of its kind, it’s The Rhythm of Life!

The goal is to surprise you, entertain you with the surprise and motivate your improvement while entertaining. How is it done? Creating unforgettable moments by connecting the music with the messages. When launching a product or service, during branch or period meetings, when you get your managers together or when you have your workers gathered to improve the team spirit we are here to help.We are the critical partners you can trust when you need an effective impact in your working environment.

Behaviourist, Screenwriter, Actor and Motivational Lecturer Mehmet Auf makes it easier, more fun and more motivational with his unique show for the business and working life The Rhythm of Life. It’s for the most valuable asset “people” in the world of business. It’s fun, dynamic and new in the fast, stressed and competitive world of business. You have happy customers served by happy workers, which is better business and success.

Mehmet Auf has the new generation presenting style, which would attract participants from every age group. He is the ultimate storyteller who interacts with his audience and which makes him unique. His stories have important messages embedded in simplicity.

In short, Rhythm of Life is a motivational programme presented and moderated by Mehmet Auf custom made for your messages you want to pass, tailored by your needs to help your working environment be better. To improve the communication within the work environment. The Rhythm of Life enables you to live and learn with the help of music. It’s learning with fun.

Business Show Topics


  • The role of targets in personal achievement
  • The importance of being a team player
  • Attitude towards the obstacles
  • Continuous development as a lifetime goal


  • The importance of communication in life
  • Adapting and reducing the communication mistakes to minimum
  • The effort for empathy
  • Open communication instead of insinuation
  • Confronting the difficult situation

Real Teams

  • Realizing the phases of being a team
  • Job division and the importance of doing the best for the job
  • Resolving the team problems effectively
  • Moving forward within the union and keeping up the motivation


  • How not to be afraid of change
  • How to adapt the change rapidly
  • How to contribute to the change

Thinking Outside the Box

  • Why should we think outside the box?
  • Can you learn to think outside the box? How?
  • Impacts of thinking outside the box in motivation

Human Resources Procedures

  • Recruitment and orientation
  • Training activities
  • Targets and planning for development
  • Performance review
  • Rotation and promotion
  • Continuous development

Persuading Process

  • The importance of persuasive skills in our lives
  • Dirty ways of persuasion
  • Proper ways of persuasion
  • Different approaches in persuasion

Sales and Customer Relations

  • Preparing for the customer
  • Determining customer needs
  • The right customer, the right product at the right time
  • Handling objections and persuasion
  • Communication with difficult customers and making the customer happy

Personal Motivation

  • Having a realistic approach to maintain the high levels of motivation
  • Having the right targets, being ambitious, hard-working and focused
  • Forming a habit of removing obstacles
  • Moving on the path of success by effective time management and stress management

Conflict Management

  • Un-personalizing the conflict
  • Turning the conflict into resolution
  • Points of value in communication during conflict
  • Turning the conflict energy into something useful


  • Each programme is prepared by choosing 3 or 4 of the topics above
  • Duration of Business Show is 75 Min.
  • The Rhythm of Life Crew consists of Mehmet Auf, 5 musicians, stage actor.

Mehmet Auf is ready to inspire your teams!
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