Ozlem Denizmen

Ozlem Denizmen Financial Wellbeing Enterpreneur, Women Economic Empowerment Leader, Media Personality, YGL, Board Member


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Ozlem Denizmen  2024 Speech Titles Ozlem Denizmen 2024 Speech Titles

  • Smart and Sustainable
  • Women, Money, and the Unknowns
  • Managing Money, Managing Life!
  • 7 Buckets that Bring Abundance and Prosperity...
  • Financial Literacy for Children
  • A Budget and 175 Savings Methods
  • Work-Life Blend: How I Manage Work, Spouse, and Children?
  • Adapting to Any Environment and Situation in Corporate Entrepreneurship
  • Fitting Within Your Salary
  • What Savings Is and What It Isn't?

Ozlem Denizmen Biography 

Özlem Denizmen is an entrepreneur and opinion leader for ‘economic empowerment of women’ in many national and international platforms. She started her career as a Financial Analyst on Wall Street in USA. After her corporate career at Doğuş Group, one of the largest holdings in Turkey, Denizmen leads the Financial Literacy Movement with long-term social impact companies and projects at national scale. Denizmen was recognized by many awards including “Young Global Leader” by the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos.

Özlem is the Founder & CEO of Monay, an app that to steer users away from “unnecessary” spending towards saving for their financial goals. She also founded Para Durumu, a multi-channel financial literacy initiative that produces interactive, user-oriented content to help people better manage their Money.

She also launched several (fintech, media, education) startups, as well as an NGO in field of personal finance. She is the founding President of FODER (Financial Literacy and Inclusion Association of Turkey. 

She is also first Turkish board member of GRI, sustainability reporting standards global authority.

Denizmen is a media personality with a weekly popular TV Show on national TV,  weekly newspaper column, she published 3 books.

She holds a undergraduate from Cornell University, and MBA from Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Denizmen has also completed Harvard Business School AMP program, as well as Stanford, GE Crotonville and Harvard Kennedy School’s executive leadership courses.

She is a is married and has two sons.

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