Yalcin Pembecioglu

Yalcin Pembecioglu Culture and Trend Consultant | Co-founder and Editor-in-Chief of Bigumigu


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Yalcin Pembecioglu 2024 Speech Titles Yalcin Pembecioglu 2024 Speech Titles

  • Cultural Trends
  • Calm Tech
  • Evolution of Sustainability
  • Design Trends & Inclusive Design
  • Mobility & Automotive
  • NFT, Metaverse, Web3 for Businesses

Speaker Profile 

I am a co-founder and culture & trends editor of Bigumigu. Bigumigu was founded in 2005 and since its inception it has been the most visited platform for creative industries seeking inspiration and innovative ideas.

I'm also a cultural trend consultant, delivering keynote speeches and training programs on key trends that shape our world. With my 20+ years experience in advertising and marketing communications I offer a unique perspective on emerging trends enabling in depth understanding of how these trends will be shaping daily life and critical insights to create optimal business strategies.

As a cultural trends consultant, I use a multi-dimensional approach to evaluate emerging trends. Talking about technological developments is always the easy part. In addition to discussing the more evident features of any trend and its significance for the future, I unpack the not so obvious ramifications in terms of culture and consumer behaviour.

I offer consultancy on a range of emerging phenomena including metaverse, NFT's, urban mobility, sustainability, inclusive design and calm tech. In my talks and reports, my comprehensive, multi-dimensional approach enables industry leaders and business strategists to create long-term strategies.

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