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Zafer Parlar Istventures Founder, ''İŞ'te TÜRK / Business Over Turkish Coffee' Book Author


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Zafer Parlar 2024 Speech Titles Zafer Parlar 2024 Speech Titles

  • Cross-Cultural Business Management
  • Managing Multicultural Teams
  • Creating Value with Intercultural Management Teams
  • Doing Business with Other Countries
  • Differences Between Business Cultures
  • Turkish Business Culture and Differences from Other Cultures

Speaker Profile

After completing his MBA degree in the Netherlands, Mr. Parlar earned his Masters degrees in International Business Relations and Marketing.

He wrote his International Business Relations master thesis on “Comparative Analysis of Turkish business culture with 25 other business Cultures.”

The most respected researcher and scholar in this filed, Dr. Fons Trompenaars referred to this research in his book “Riding the Waves Culture” which was published by The Economist.

In 2012, Mr. Parlar’s book “Business over Turkish Coffee / İş’te Türk” was published.

The book is sold by Apple books and Amazon.

In 2015, third edition of the book came out. It is being used as a guide to Turkish business culture by the consulates, local and international universities and companies.

The book combines Mr. Parlar’s academic studies on Turkish business culture with his own international business experiences; the lessons are divulged in short humorous essays.

Zafer Parlar is popular for delivering speeches and workshops to several international companies and universities on mainly comparative analyses of Turkey’s business culture.

He has also been among the speakers featured at The Economist’s “Roundtable Meetings” and The World Economic Forum (WEF).

Parlar started his career in;
In 1990 at Mexx International as a development leader for new markets in the Netherlands.
In 1995 As a General Manager, established Mexx in Turkey.
In 1999, Parlar played a leadership role during the creation of the famous ready wear brand “Network”.
In 2000, Zafer Parlar played a pivotal role in the founding of Nike in Turkey. Under his leadership, Nike Turkey grew 70 times in 9 years.
In 2005, Mr. Parlar became the General Manager to Nike South CEMEA.
In 2010, Parlar established his investment company, Istventures.

Parlar speaks English, Dutch and Turkish.

Zafer Parlar is ready to inspire your teams!
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